Nakhon Sri Trip! :)

posted on 29 Dec 2011 23:26 by ahara-haya
Heyyy!! I'm back! for long time that I dont update my blog so today I'll update something :)
Last 5 days ago, Me and my family went to Nakhon sri for back my dad's home and made merit ^^
Let's see!!
Me and my grandmom :)
I love convert! :)
Love it :)
Dad n Mom :)
Lol ^o^
At Twin lotus hotel Nakhon sri :)
Made from biscuit and yes! you can eat it! :)
Life :)
South foods :) Yum!
After I made merit then I went to Pramahatat temple :)
Have you ever seen this ? Its Mang-Kood kud :) It yumm!
and this is south thai milk tea ! it not the same general tea :)) you can drink it at only here !!!
I wear "KISS" T-shirt ! this band is one of my favor :)
Hehe :)
Thanks for read and all comment :)
At the period, I have to practice for improve my English skill so sorry if my english have some mistake ^^


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